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Residential Rekeying

With the enormous growth our area is seeing and the potential for your homes keys being in someone else's hands, rekeying has become an essential service we offer our clients and neighbors. Let's examine why or when you would need to rekey your home.

  • Newly purchased home - if you just bought and moved into your home, did you get all the keys? Do you feel like someone else might have a key to YOUR house? Call Gorilla Lock and Key, we can come survey your homes locks and rekey them specifically for you.

  • Eviction or Tenant move out - Have you recently evicted a tenant/roomate or did the tenants leave and you didnt recieve all the keys back? We can easily rekey your rental and ensure no one can use a previous key to get in.

  • You changed some locks and want them all to match - Gorilla LOck and Key can handle that for you.  We can even professionally install the new hardware and guarantee proper working condition

  • There are many reasons to rekey, give us a call and we can help.

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