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Residential Services

House Lockout

When you find yourself locked out of your home for some reason, give us a call. Gorilla Lock and Key will get you in in no time!  Our training and tools allow us to get you inside in no time

Locks Change/Repair

We will change any locks in your home that you need replaced. Gorilla Lock and Key's trained Locksmith can help advise on the most secure locks and what is needed. We can be in and out in no time.

Duplicate Keys

When you need extra keys for your Home, Gorilla Lock and Key has the tools to make you a precise copy that will work the first time and everytime.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

Electronic locks / Smart locks or key pad locks are quickly becoming a thing that people want. These locks are not always the most secure but the ease of use when they work properly make them worth it in the long run. Let Gorilla Lock and Key help you with choosing the best lock for your home security 

Garage Locks

Gorilla Lock and Key Technicians are able to delete old garage door openers and program new ones or add to your current collection of openers. Give us a call and we can determine what you need and how we can help.

Rekey/ Master key

If you are a multi property owner and need to be able to get into all your properties and you dont want to carry 20 different keys, Gorilla Lock and Key has the ability to Master key your properties where one key will work for them all. 

Non-Destructive Entry

I've seen and known some untrained or even false locksmiths that can't pick a lock to get into a home or vehicle and try to convince you to allow them to damage your lock or your car to get into it. That is unacceptable. Our methods of entry are non destructive. We will find a way to safely get into your home or car with out damaging it.

Custom Surveillance Systems

Gorilla Lock and Key has a very short list of home or business surveillance systems we recommend. We like the ease and user friendly wireless systems. These are cost effective and help you as a home or business owner sep into the world of further protecting your property.

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